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A Guide For Freelance Christian Writers: How To Land Better Jobs

As a christian writer your options may seem limited because of the types of content mainly requested by client, and this is understandable, many of the topic types are contrary to commonly held christian beliefs. Don’t let this prevent you from pursuing this career however, there are many options available to Christian writers. Here are some tips on how to land better jobs as a freelance christian writer:

  1. Become versed in many styles of writing
  2. You are in the business of literary production so it is only logical that you should acquire as many literary skills as you can. Perform an online search for popular freelance job requests, make note of the more popular requested skills and proceed to acquire the ones you don’t have. Feel free to obtain some of the least popular ones as well, they may prove useful one day.

  3. Fashion your profile strategically
  4. When creating a profile, be sure to include all information about yourself that will identify your preferred job types to any potential employer viewing your profile. Include a description of yourself that will clearly identify you as a Christian and feel free to inform potential employers of your conditions. This will work in your favor as there are sure to be clients specifically requesting that their jobs be completed by a fellow believer.

  5. Find the right community
  6. As a christian writer, the most common job type available to you may be the creation of small novels and short stories, and this is no doubt, a thriving industry. This is not necessarily the only industry in which you can succeed, however. Many clients are in need of academic related services and though they may not be dedicated to religiously formatted job types, you can still earn a comfortable income in this market.

  7. Build the right reputation
  8. It would be helpful to your career if you build a reputation with the right type of employers. Try to stick to your preferred job types and work hard at earning the respect, or even the dependence, of employers who usually have job requests that fall into your range of expertise.

  9. Advertise yourself
  10. Any business should have a strong marketing drive and you, as an individual freelancer, are no different. Make use of any available means to promote yourself as a professional writer even if you must spend a little cash. Advertising has been proven to increase revenue in all forms of business ventures.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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