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Average Freelance Copywriter’s Rates Dispelling The Myths

It is hard to determine what rates o charge or what rates to pay when dealing with a professional writer. First of all you will want to break down the different jobs that one could pay/write. Some of these might be:

Other things to consider are the time before the product needs to be delivered, the experience of the author, the length of the piece, and the amount of research involved in the process. I charge for research and for writing. And as a teacher, I stick to subjects that I know. I am not ready to compose a piece on rocket science, but I am pretty good with literature compositions.

Rewrites and editing is another thing to consider. I give rewrites or corrections that are my fault for free. If the client simply wants a small change, I will write one for free. After that I charge my regular rate, which is 2.00 per every 100 words.

But, I charge less for my return customers and for my big job duties. I want my customers to keep coming back, and to use me often. I charge 1.00 per word for my returnees. This is considered low, but I like the job and I am well versed in the subject.

I do not charge by the hour, because I have a full time job, and I write in my down time. If I charged by the hour, my approximate rate would be 20.00 an hour. That is fair because it will include research.

I give away nothing. This is a craft and I work at it, so if a client is looking for me to do a free test, I will decline. I do tests where I am paid. Also, never ever start the job without escrow. It only took me doing this one time, and the person taking my work and not paying me, for me to learn this lesson.

There will be people who charge more than you, and people who charge less than you. You have to determine what you want to charge. My prices are fair and I am at the point where I work with two return customers and no longer have to hunt for work. I could probably charge more with y experience, but I am comfortable with my set-up, and your goal should be for you to find a fair and comfortable price.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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