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  A Brief Introduction To Medical Freelance Writing For Dummies

The medical field is largely scientific. This means that it depends on facts and not opinions. Medical freelance writing therefore requires understanding of the field and factual presentation. This can be mastered by medics as well as a dedicated writer who wishes to specialize in the area. What do you require to succeed?

  1. Choose out of passion
  2. The decision to write medical articles must be out of passion and a need to fill a void in the area. It this is not your passion, there will be no motivation to work. You will be writing resentfully and driven by commercial interests. This will lead to shallow research which exposes you to errors and inconsistency. Lack of passion hinders creativity which will affect the quality of your articles.

  3. Identify a niche
  4. The medical field is extensive. It ranges from health to nutrition, sports, technology, diseases, etc. It is unlikely that you will master all these areas and produce quality work. Successful medical freelance writing depends on finding a niche and meeting the needs of that category. Being selective gives confidence to your readers since you will produce thoroughly researched articles.

  5. Target value
  6. Clients and readers who find value in one medical freelance writer will certainly return a second and a third time. Value can be achieved in several ways

    • Quality articles- well researched, presented and factual articles in all aspects.
    • Timely delivery- ensure that you are consistent in posting or meeting deadlines set by clients. Extension of deadlines and delays erode the confidence in your work regardless of other aspects that might be in your favor.
    • Updated information- do not duplicate information that is already available. Provide a fresh perspective that is interesting to read.
  7. Learn the tricks
  8. Medical freelance writing, like every other field has its secrets to success. Learn how to overcome audience and client challenges as well as get more work. Some of the tricks could be building your own website instead of relying on blog platforms that are rigid and deny you control. You are more flexible and credible with a personalized website.

  9. Pitch as much as possible
  10. Getting the word out about your work is a daily endeavor. Advertise your services and website in all platforms possible. Spend the low seasons advertising your services and looking for more clients for your future writing career. Pitching is a full time engagement for a freelance writer.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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