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Creative Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Vital Directions For Starters

Do you need a creative outlet that you aren’t getting from your full-time job? Are you looking for writing opportunities that will help you pursue your goal to become a paid writer? Freelancing may be your answer! The question is how to begin a career (or side-job) as a freelance creative writer. Hopefully this article will help you by providing some vital directions on how to get started!

Step 1: The first step in your process will be gaining creative writing experience while boosting your resume. In order to get paid for what you love to do, you need to get experience. That is always the frustrating catch-22. Before getting paid employment, your prospective clients will probably want to see samples of your work to determine whether you are the writer they are looking for. Therefore, you will need to build your portfolio by generating creative writing pieces to showcase your skills.

Step 2: After you produce writing samples to present to clients should they ask for them, you will want to start your search for work. Your best bet for finding paid work is to join freelancing websites. Here you will find a wealth of clients who need work completed and are willing to pay for your services. You could also try starting your own creative writing blog. This route will be more time-consuming and labor-intensive because it will take a lot of consistent work to develop your site, gain followers, and network to find clients.

Step 3: At this point, you may encounter a lot of clients who want experienced writers, i.e. those who have been paid for their writing in the past. If you have no paid work under your belt, you may need to start off small and labor your way toward the ideal higher-paying freelance jobs. Take on smaller projects that pay less at first so you can build your resume and portfolio in anticipation of those more lucrative positions.

Step 4: After building your resume and portfolio through smaller projects, your next step is to begin lobbying for more profitable jobs. This is where you will really need to sell yourself to prospective clients by creating a convincing proposal that highlights your skills and talents and sets you apart from everyone else who has submitted a proposal. Since you are looking for creative jobs, try to use the proposal as another platform for showing off your talent in this area: be imaginative! Because of the sheer number of people vying for the same contracts, you will want to make yourself stand out and not take the chance that your bid will get lost in the sea of similar-sounding proposals.

Ultimately, if you follow these fundamental guidelines, you should be able to write and get paid to do so. Now that you know how to get started in your search for paid, creative freelance writing opportunities, all you need to do is jump right into your new path of employment! And to reiterate: be imaginative and set yourself apart from the crowd of freelancers!

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