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Basic Advice On How To Get A Technical Writing Job With No Experience

Many writers have a mindset that presumes technical articles are hard to craft compared to the other type of writing. As much as the word ‘technical’ is involved here, it is not as technical as it may seem. I guess the whole idea that life is about learning; which makes humans superior to other animals and robots combined, makes nothing impossible.

I have experience in writing different types of articles. One thing for sure is that I never had any experience while I was starting, but now I do and I get a lot of writing contracts year in year out.

Technical writing is just as any other type of write-ups. Basically, this is an article that describes a product, how it works and probably how to use it. It is more of a guide to anyone who wishes to use the product in context.

As a rookie, below are some advices that will help you get technical writing jobs without experience.

  1. Be confident in what you have to offer. Simply put, you can never convince anyone without confidence. Believing in yourself can make others believe in you. Clients with technical writing jobs prefer to have writers with experience on the subject matter, but I know if anyone is more than willing to learn, he or she can manage to write technical pieces. Just to get it clear, some of the products you will be required to write about are somewhat new in the market and you may have not had the chance to try them. But because of the resourceful internet tool, you can find relevant information and craft a good technical article for your client.
  2. Present a classy resume. As I had mentioned earlier, clients will prefer an experienced guy. But a classy resume that presents you as a guy who is up to the task will do miracles. In your resume you can include a few of your best written articles. Through the sample articles, the clients will know if you can handle their task if well guided.
  3. Sigh-up in various writing websites. I’ve found this website you could tryout. Some of these sites will provide a platform for you to increase your skills as a technical writer as more jobs are of such manner. While writing in such websites, you easily learn from your mistakes as clients willingly point out mistakes in your articles. Better yet, you will get another chance to write well just like a practice field.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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