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How To Find Good Writing Jobs For Freelance Writers Online

Freelance writing is a lucrative career for those with the passion for words. However, many have abandoned their passion in a huff because they do not know the secret to finding well paying writing jobs. Others are frustrated by the seasonal nature of some work environments. Here are a few secrets on how to find a good job for freelance writers online.

  1. Referral
  2. The decision to become a writer is probably because a friend told you she or he is writing and making good money. That is the right person to approach. Ask him or her to refer you to a site or a client board where you can get quality work.

    Some websites have referral systems which offer rewards to an old writer who introduces a new one. As such, your friend will readily introduce you to the trade because he or she also stands to benefit. Referrals also come from clients to whom you have delivered quality work. This strategy can only work if you deliver quality work to your first client. Some clients might feel as though you might not give their work the attention it requires. You must therefore be cautious about it.

  3. Diversify
  4. Online freelance writing jobs come in different types including academic papers, blog posts, press releases, web content, etc. As such, when one category of work is not available you can pick work from the other categories. This means that you will never be idle when one category of client has no work or when it is a low season.

    Another way to diversify your writing career is to offer more services to the same client. Some of the services related to online freelance writing include editing, proofreading and formatting. Offer a comprehensive package that may also include posting the written articles on such platforms as websites, social media and even blogs. A client will offer more and gain confidence in your ability.

  5. Understand you area
  6. Specialists in any field are highly respected and make a lot of money from their skills. Online freelance writing also requires specialization to ensure that you offer the best possible services to your client. A writer who has specialized in press releases is able to research on the trends in the market and therefore provide the best services to his clients. You also may specialize in one client and guarantee availability if such a client is offering consistent flow of work throughout the year.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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