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How To Land A Good Job- A Guide For Freelance Technical Writers

One of the most prestigious and wealthy types of freelance writers is a technical writer. When you are able to write this type of paper, you have the ability to make really good money. If you set yourself up just right, you can make a good living. Here are some great ways to land a good job so that you can make this a success.

  1. Freelance site
  2. You should start by joining a freelance site. You can get connected with clients that need your technical writing services. It is a great way to connect with people. Some of these sites will also offer added securities to prevent you from doing the work and getting stiffed. There are many people out there that will try to take advantage of people working in this profession. They act like they will work with you and then they get the help and stiff you.

  3. Create a website
  4. You can create a website for free. This is a great choice that you will want to make. When you have your own website, you are taken more seriously. You can just have a simple website that explains what you do, gives contact information, showcases your talent, and gives you a talking point. It doesn’t have to be amazing up front. You can fix it and make it better over time.

  5. Build your portfolio
  6. You will want to gather all of the sample essays that you have or create some sample essays. This will be your portfolio. It is like a resume but it will give samples of all of the different types of papers that you can write for your clients. You will want to include as many different types of papers as possible.

  7. Build a clientele
  8. Keep in contact with the clients that you work for. Send them the link to your website. Showcase your portfolio on your freelance profile and website. Do what you say that you are going to do. Communicate effectively. Work to build a lasting relationship with them and try to work out a contract deal for weekly writing assignments. If you have a client that consistently is looking for writers to handle their work, you can offer to complete a certain amount of papers per week and then you will have consistent work and they won’t have to keep looking for a writer.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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