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4 Insider Tips On How To Write An Outstanding Resume For A Freelance Writer

Even if you are a resume writing professional, crafting your own might not be an easy task, Freelance work has its own peculiarities, and these insider tips can help you address them adequately.

  1. Organize your job experience by skills.
  2. The traditional order of listing your work experience – by employers and dates – is not always good for a freelancer. You might have worked for too many clients and projects to list them all, or had large time breaks between jobs. Try another technique; think of your key skills (copywriting, editing, proofing, and so on) and cases where you have used them. You need at least two strong examples for each skill, for instance:

  3. Content writing
  4. Attracted 8,000 unique visitors to FishMonger’s e-shop in three months.

    Managed SuperTech Facebook group for two months, raising membership by 3,000.

    Even if you have little experience and have to repeat the same company names under each skill, your CV will look more impressive this way.

  5. Sell your services, not your skills.
  6. Freelancing is an individual business, and businesses sell services. Your potential clients do care about your skills and experience, but more about how you can help solve their problems. Do not expect them to figure that out on their own; many freelance clients only have a vague idea of what you can do. Demonstrate how you can address their needs; for example, “I can write up to 10 unique articles for you in 24 hours.” Place this line before your list of skills (where “career goals” are normally found), and customize it for every client you are interested in working for.

  7. Present your whole self.
  8. This point might run contrary to popular CV writing guides, but a winning freelance resume should present your personal self, not only your professional achievements. Your clients are hiring a person, not a set of skills. Your hobbies, even if they have nothing to do with the job you apply for, can become a deciding factor for a customer. For example, your personal blog with funny art on it is a clear manifestation of your creativity and sense of humor, which, in combination with your writing skills, can get you the job.

  9. Make your resume stand out.
  10. Assume that the person who you are sending your resume to is getting tons of others. How can you get yours noticed? After listing your proofreading experience, include a line marked in red. Add a spark of humor to the description of your skills, e. g. “I am focused; I can write with my three kids running around and shouting.” Use any other ways your imagination can suggest. A great freelance resume can be anything but boring.

Pitch your services

You should be able to learn if clients have worked with freelancers in the past and what skills they look for in a good freelance writer. This will help you know how to pitch your services and develop a winning proposal.

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